Jimmy Kimmel Live! Books Brooklyn Show Week Line-up

Jimmy Kimmel, now an Emmy award-winning television host, has come a long way from his early days co-hosting the game show Win Ben Stein’s Money. After coming down from the high of hosting the 2012 Emmy Awards, Kimmel will get yet another boost to his career when his late night creation, Jimmy Kimmel Live, moves from the midnight time slot to 11:35 pm beginning January 2013. It was also recently announced the talk show host will be airing a week-long special from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The special is set to feature several high profile guests and musical performers. Here’s a look at who’s expected to appear on the show.

David Letterman

Kimmel is a Brooklyn native, so this week-long special is sure to provide an inside look at this NYC borough. One of the most coveted guests scheduled to appear is David Letterman. Kimmel must be thrilled to have finally landed his idol on the show; he spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and revealed how much Letterman’s appearance on the Brooklyn special means to him.

“I mean, I’d draw Dave’s face on every book cover. I was like a teenage girl in love with him,” Kimmel stated.

According to the report, Kimmel celebrated his birthdays with a Late Night cake and asked Letterman to be his first guest on his show. This marks the first time Letterman will appear on JKL and the move is a monumental one. As Letterman is one of the reigning late night talk show hosts, his appearance is a colossal stamp of approval for the show, not to mention it is a life-long dream of Kimmel’s.

Tracy Morgan

Native New Yorker and Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock cast member Tracy Morgan is also slated to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Brooklyn special. The pair recently made headlines when Kimmel utilized Morgan during an Emmy prank, where he had the comedian rest on the stage as if he had passed out. Social media networks, such as Twitter, went crazy for the bit. As the Emmy prank helped garner high ratings for the event, we’re guessing Morgan’s appearance will do the same for Kimmel’s special. Morgan is an Emmy and Image nominated actor and is certain to make his appearance a memorable one.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel might make night owls out of her many loyal daytime viewers. Ripa began her career as a dancer on Dance Party USAbefore landing her Emmy-nominated role as Hayley Vaughan on All My Children. Though Ripa starred in the primetime series Faith and Hope, there is no doubt she is well familiar to daytime viewing audiences. As co-host of Live! with Regis and Kelly, Live! with Kelly! and Live! with Kelly and Michael,Ripa has won three Emmys and was nominated for a People’s Choice Award. Her appearance on Kimmel is not only expected to be a fan favorite, but is another indicator of Kimmel’s credibility and respect as a late night, talk-show host.

Jon Stewart

Not only is Jon Stewart a native New Yorker, he is also the proud owner of 16 Emmy awards and the host of the most popular fake news/late night political talk show on TV–Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Stewart’s  enormous fan base is expected to be a huge boost to Jimmy Kimmel’s Brooklyn special’s ratings, and Stewart’s devoted followers will definitely tune in to watch Stewart and Kimmel interact on the program.

Stephen Colbert

While Jon Stewart may be considered the king of satire comedy, he shares the honor with Stephen Colbert. Originally appearing on Stewart’s The Daily Show, Colbert began his own program, The Colbert Report, in 2005. Colbert earned recognition in his own right and has won five Emmy awards and one Grammy Award. His appearance on Kimmel is certain to be met with high ratings and good reviews. Colbert and Stewart never disappoint an audience.

Chris Rock

Though born in South Carolina, Chris Rock grew up in Brooklyn and is expected to be one of Kimmel’s most watched guests on the special. With multiple Emmys, Grammys and an American Comedy Award under his belt, Rock is one of the nation’s top comedians and is certain to bring plenty of laughter to Kimmel’s stage. Viewer attendance is expected to be high and Rock is slated to be a ratings’ success.

Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on October 29, 2012 where he kicks off his week long, Brooklyn special.